Create a Terms & Conditions form to display on your own website
Share on Social Media without the need for your own website

Customers must confirm their identity by verifying their email address then will agree to your Terms & Conditions with a confirmation tick box.
A record of their confirmation is stored for you to view by signing in to the admin console.
Your form can be added to your website by linking from a button or by embedding onto a page.
You can also share the form by linking from Social Media, WhatsApp, email, text message etc.
All forms that you create are automatically hosted by us at no extra cost, so you can still create and share forms even if you do not have your own website.

Simply copy and paste the form link from the Smudge Dashboard to share with your customers.
Create multiple forms* with a single subscription.

This subscription will enable you to receive and store confirmation of customer agreements to your terms for less than £1 per week.


£3.95/30 days
400 form submissions/30 days

No long term commitment - Cancel at any time

*Maximum of 30 forms.

1 form submission = 1 email address verification.

You will be required to enter your own Terms in to the form for your customers to see. All terms used in screenshots and videos above are for demonstration purposes only.

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